Brace Dein Allotments

Hello! Thanks for visiting the Brace Dein Allotment Association website. Whether you are a newcomer or an old hand at allotment gardening you're equally welcome.

If you have suggestions for new things we can add to the site or have vegetable and fruit-growing tips to share, feel free to get in touch.

Happy allotmenteering!

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  • Sunflowers growing

    Sunflowers (not by Van Gogh).

  • Young vegetable plants growing on an allotment

    Young vegetable plants in spring.

  • Photo of an allotment plot

    General view of a plot.

  • Sweetcorn and squash growing together

    Squash getting frisky with sweetcorn.

I'm looking for a plot

Allotment plots at Brace Dein are administered by Cambourne Parish Council. Details about how to contact them are on our applying for a plot page.

Please note that if a plot appears to be vacant because it is knee-high in weeds, it doesn't mean that this is necessarily the case. Some people sign up to a plot but then never have the time or motivition to cultivate it. So, best check with the Parish Council who will know the true availability.

Applying for a plot

I'm a plot-holder

You don't need us to tell you that allotment gardening is a popular pastime these day. Some of us have been getting green-fingered at Brace Dein for as long as 6 years now and know the pleasures of growing your own fruit and veg.

If you've got photos of your efforts that you'e willing to share and would like to see them featured on this website then please upload to our Facebook group page and let us know.

I'm a plotholder

Where can I get...

Muck - it's a popular topic of conversation. Next comes sheds and pallets. All three are always in demand.

If you are looking for any of these items or know anyone who wants to sell or to give them away then please post on our Facebook group page.

Or, contact us and we'll post the details on our information page.