Plot talk

Congratulations and welcome if you are a new plotholder. We look forward to chatting to you down at the allotments. Some plotholders are now eleven-year veterans, having been at Brace Dein since the allotments came into being in 2010.

If you are just starting out, feel free to chat to your neighbours and get tips from them. Everyone has something they can teach someone else about 'allotmenteering'.

Some questions come up quite often:

  • Where can I get manure?
    The Shetland pony sanctuary sells it. Also you can get it locally if you keep an eye on the small ads, our Facebook group and sometime just through word of mouth.
  • What's the black 'soil improver' stuff everyone talks about?
    It's recyled green bin waste from Donarbon. Free if you go and collect it or you can pay to have it delivered.
  • Where can I get a shed/pallets?
    People come and go from the allotments and sheds sometimes come up for sale as a result. Also check out Freecycle and Cambourne buy/sell Facebook groups