Things that may be of interest


This is our site (view map), we have a large water main running from about plot 72 to plot 63, these plots are not able to have sheds or invasive planting.

The soil changes a lot through the site and although clay is everywhere there is darker heavier soil with good humus layer running from plot 1 toward 21, becoming lighter and sandier throughout the rest of the site and lightest (though not by much) along the back stretch around plot 70.

The largest dark area is the car park with the haul road running off from it in a figure 8, starting at plot 35 and ending at plot 33. We have a hedge running through at the back of plots 21/22 and 33, 34, 35.

The whole site is well fenced with rabbit netting under, although inevitably the gates are set high enough for them to come underneath!


Applying for a plot

Plots are allocated by Cambourne Parish Council. Contact them in the first instance to check availability.


Access to the allotments

Access to the plots is via a single set of gates. These are to be kept locked when there is no-one on the allotments. Will the last person out please lock the gate!



You are allowed to keep chickens on your plot - subject to Parish Council approval.



Just a reminder that all dogs must remain on a lead whilst in the allotment site and that all faeces must be removed and disposed of off-site. If you see any dog owners flouting this then please let the Parish Office know.


Parking and driving to your plot

There is a tarmac car park and grass access paths to the plots. Vehicle access to the grass paths is restricted by removable wooden bollards to discourage people from driving down the paths unnecessarily. Contact the Town Council for the key if they are padlocked and you need to take a trailer load of manure, for example, to your plot.


Allotment history

Brace Dein allotments were new for the 2010 growing season. Previously the land was mainly pasture.

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